How to zoom content on the screen in Mac OS X

If you’re having trouble reading tiny content on the screen of your Mac, zooming in on different parts of the screen will definitely help. 

zoom-content-mac In order for the zoom, first you have to enable it. Press Command + Option + F5 on your keyboard and new window with accessibility options will appear.

To zoom in using only your keyboard, select “Enable zoom using keyboard shortcuts.” In order to zoom in using the combination of your keyboard and mouse (or trackpad), choose “Enable zoom using scroll gestures.”


Zoom using your keyboard

To zoom in simply press Command + Option + Plus Sign (+). To zoom out press Command + Option + Minus Sign (-).


Zoom using your mouse (trackpad)

In order to zoom in and out press and hold Control button (by default) on your keyboard and perform the scroll gesture on your mouse or trackpad

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