How to use Airplay from your Windows PC

Amidst a cloud of expectations ever since its release. Airplay has justified the tag of being a unique product which offers its users the chance to stream audios and videos from their IOS and Mac devices to other media output devices. Yet there have been blind spots such as the Airplay’s inability to work on PC. In this article we will tell you how to use airplay will show you how to operate Airplay from your Windows PC.

An Introduction to Airplay

airplay_windowsHave you ever wanted to be able to stream your music from your Mac to a wireless speaker in your gym while you workout? Have you ever felt that the movie viewing on your Mac isn’t sufficient and you’d love to watch it on your HD TV? I am sure the answers to all of these questions are in the affirmative. With the advancements in technology there had been demands to have a product that would be adept at coordinating and syncing multiple high tech media devices to enhance their entertainment output.

The official definition of an Airplay is that of a software that lets you stream whatever you want from your IOS or your Mac devices to you speakers and HD TV’s. This software isn’t only restricted to the streaming of media such as audios and videos from your IOS and Mac devices to your HD TV or speakers. Airplay is also loaded with an intriguing feature which allows it to mirror whatever is on your display to a larger screen. This feature is particularly useful for presentations, etc.

It is clear from its definition that Airplay is definitely a device that is made to use all kinds of high tech media in coordination to provide the users with a greater viewing experience. Apple’s Airplay was regarded as Apple’s answer to the increasing calls for a product that would let people listen to music or stream their favorite videos, making your home a truly media friendly one for the times to come.

airplay_windowsAirplay is a device that works through either your Bluetooth or through the WIFI network. While both are equally effective mediums for Airplay to work on, we’d recommend the use of WIFI because of the battery drain that Bluetooth usage can inflict on the charging of your devices. Apple’s Airplay is regarded as something special in the market by the customers and it’s no wonder because its ability to synchronize and control multiple media devices and enhance a particular output puts it head and shoulders above the rest.

PC isn’t an Apple product and yet if you want to use the Airplay’s technology on your PC, this article is written for you. We tell you how you can make use of Apple’s Airplay on your PC.

How to use Airplay on your PC?

It is no secret that Apple tends to reserve its best products and softwares to be used only with other Apple based products. Continuing with this belief is the Apple Airplay, the software is compatible with working for an IOS device or the latest Mac, but when it comes to Windows PC, Airplay doesn’t work or can it? This article will outline to you two softwares and how each can make Airplay work with your PC with just a little bit of effort. So all you PC owners that felt part of the stone age because they couldn’t have fun with this latest Apple Enigma, cheer up! This article will tell you how you can be in the same league as those IOS device and Mac users and enjoy the Airplay features and a better entertainment experience.
Here is a list of the two softwares and how each can independently let you enjoy Airplay on your PC.


This is an application that has been developed by Apple and is usually bought by users who want to use it, although it does give you a chance to try it out in its free trial period. AirServer though is a mirror version of AirParrot, another one of apple’s softwares. This software lets you transfer and stream media from your IOS device and Mac onto your PC monitor. The best part about AirServer is that it streams videos at 1080p, which is much in line with the maximum capacity of an Apple TV. All you need to do if you want AirServer, is to buy it online and download it on to your computer to unravel the fun.
(Read more about AirServer. Click here)


AirParrotAirParrot is available in the market for around $14.99 ( and this is one product that is sure to give you the Airplay experience you deserve through your PC. AirParrot is acquired similar to the AirServer, since you have to buy it online and download it in your system to enjoy its functionality. How does it work? AirParrot allows you to transfer images from your PC’s screen to your Apple TV. Not only is this software good for video or image transfer it is also able to allow smooth audio transfers to make sure you get to use other media devices to maximize your entertainment output.


VLC is a media player which can be downloaded for free . It specifically doesn’t empower you to stream videos from your PC or to your PC, and yet it allows its user to play videos from the PC via Apple TV. How does it do this? To use this option all you have to do is:
1. Install the VLC on your IOS device.
2. Switch the option that says WIFI file transfers on and then get custom web address’ notification.
3. Then past this web address in your browser window and go to the site.
4. Once you are there, you get an interface that allows you to drag and drop files to your IOS Device.
5. Once you have done the drag and drop, you’ll then be able to use the file and play it on your IOS device and hence use Airplay’s mirroring option to watch the video through your TV via the Apple TV.

So there you have it! If you follow this guide, you will without a doubt be able to make sure your Windows PC isn’t a limitation to your entertainment.

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