How To Use AirPlay To Make Wireless Audio At Home!

AirplayLogoA few yeas ago, it was normal to have a showy audio system with many difficult connections and tedious configuration; however, nowadays technology is sufficiently advanced to allow you to have a completely wireless audio system in your home, but also have it configured in a couple of minutes.

AirPlay is one of the most advanced wireless technology that exist at this time. AirPlay allows you to streaming music from one source to multiple speakers around the room (Only if they are connected on the same wireless network), and if you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad you can learn how to set up to make your own wireless audio at home.

How To Send Audio Via AirPlay To Your Wireless Audio System

a) Make sure that your wireless audio system are active and in AirPlay mode (Purple indicator), and your iPhone, iPod or iPad are connected to the same wireless network

Importantly, only is possible have access to AirPlay mode if the wireless audio system has been configured to connect to the router of a wireless network. Otherwise, make sure of download the application called Control of Bowers & Wilkins. You can find this application in your App Store by searching “Bowers & Wilkins”.

Once installed, follow the instructions that will appear on your screen to configure the Wireless audio system in your home.

b) Look for the AirPlay icon

How to do it with iOS 6 and older:
Open the Music application in your Apple device and look for the AirPlay icon. iPhone and iPod Touch users will need surf through the screen “Now Playing” (By selecting a song) in order to see the AirPlay icon. This icon can be localised close of the volume indicator in your Music application.

How to do it with iOS 7:

The AirPlay icon can be localised in the “Control Center" by touching the bottom of your screen.
c) Click the AirPlay icon and select your Wireless audio system. Once selected, press Play. At this time, the music should start to play with your Wireless audio system.

Note: If you can’t see the AirPlay icon please contact the Apple support.

These are some of the best Wireless audio systems that are compatible with AirPlay:

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air
Bowers & Wilkins Z2
Altec Lansing inAir 5000 Wireless AirPlay Speaker
Bowers & Wilkins A5
AirPort Express! iHome iW1
Samsung Wireless Audio Dock (DA-E750)

There are many of them, but those ones are the most demanded. Hopefully now you can use AirPlay to make wireless audio at home.

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