How to turn off sleep mode on your Mac

Most Macs go into a low power sleep mode after several minutes of inactivity. While it is a great way to save energy, sometimes you want to keep your computer on until a certain process or activity is finished. Luckily, this is not a problem.

Here is how to turn off sleep mode on your Mac:

To turn off sleep mode on your Mac first click on Apple menu (in the top left of your screen) and select “System Preferences”, then click on “Energy Saver” icon.

If you own a MacBook you will notice two separate tabs, one for battery settings and the other one for power adapter settings, and you can adjust them differently according to your needs.

Next, you will notice two sliders – “Computer sleep” and “Display sleep”. To completely turn off sleep mode put both sliders in the “Never” position.

TIP: You can also put the sliders in any other position that suits your needs.


NOTE: This will increase the level of energy you’re using.




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