Transform Your PC to a Airplay Receiver With AirServer!

To be a part of the post-PC world is nice. In this world, you can carry a truckload of information in devices that weigh less than a brass knuckle, like iPad and iPhone. This is not all; if you want your music or movie to travel from one medium to another, all you need to have by your side is AirPlay!

Speaking of AirPlay, did you know that you can transmit stuff onto your very own TV screen with its help? Of course, you need to have an Apple TV in the first place. But if this seems like a limitation to you, since you don’t have an apple TV and still want to use Airplay’s amazing technology, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So what do in case when the movie that you wanted to see is not in an iPad, but in your iMac, or if you want to ignore the Apple TV and use your mini Mac or a Windows PC as the media center? This article will help you find these answers.

What is AirServer?

AirServer turns a normal Windows PC (or a Mac) into a universal mirroring receiver, allowing you to mirror using AirPlay. Users can collaborate using an iPhone, iPad, Surface, Windows Phone or Android devices that support AirPlay mirroring or Miracast.

AirServer is a software developed App Dynamic. The most common release of this software which is being used in over 98% of its installations is the 1.9.4 version. AirServer is designed as a smart software. When it is being setup, it creates a start up registration point in Windows, which allows it to start itself automatically whenever the user boots the PC.

How does AirServer Work to transform your Computer into an Airplay Receiver?

Mac-pad-phoneAirServer is the software that Windows users have been waiting for, for a very long time. This software allows the users to avail the perks of mirroring and transmitting data from their iPads or iPhones to their very own personal computers. All you need to do is install the software on your desktop or laptop and you’ll be able to witness the magic!

AirServer offers you a 7-day free trial period, for which the only thing that the developer will ask of you is the permission to post on your Facebook wall. The price for Air server is between $7.99 – 19.99 depending on the lisence. (For more price info visit:

Once you have installed AirServer on your PC (or Mac), all you need to follow then are just a few simple steps after which you’ll be able to enjoy Airplay mirroring on your computer screen.

The Steps:

  1. Make sure that your iPad or iPhone device is on the same WIFI network as your PC or Mac computer.
  2. Double click the home button of whatever device you are using, swipe it towards the right, and put on the multitasking tray section on the computer.
  3. Continue this process for as long as you are not able to see the Airplay icon appearing next to the option of the volume slider.
  4. Then Tap on the Airplay icon and you’ll see a list of devices.
  5. Choose your computer from that list and activate the mirroring option for it.
  6. Audio and video will now be routed to your PC for the iPad or iPhone.

There is much more to AirServer than just this cool feature. With AirServer at your disposal, you can also use the software for screen casting. With the help of tools such as Jing, you will be able to record whatever that is on your Mac or PC’s screen along with its audio.

Another way that AirServer can be used is as a mobile document camera. If you activate the wireless mirroring option, you can turn the camera on your mobile and stream whatever you see from the lens of the camera onto the screen of your PC or Mac through the mirroring facility.

It seems the world of Airplay mirroring has been given a whole new dimension by the AirServer software. AirServer allows multiple iPads and iPhones to be mirrored at the same time on one computer. This feature can be used by organizations that want to keep a close watch on their properties, whether it be a school’s classroom or a business’ premises. Since the computer won’t further project these images, it’ll only allow the person on the computer the facility to use it.


send-airplayWhen it comes to AirServer, one can conclude that it is a type of software that has taken a technology of great vantage and importance from becoming limited to a particular brand of devices, to a technology that can be used on most types of devices. The easiest way to describe AirServer is as a device that has brought the use of Airplay technology to the masses. When you look at the features of AirServer though, it appears that giving it credit for only making Airplay available to people with Windows and Mac computers would be a tad bit unfair. AirServer is about so much more; it has actually improved on certain aspects of Airplay and made the experience even better for most whether it’s mirroring of images or sounds.

The picture quality of AirServer is much sharper than other rival software in the market. AirServer is one of the most successful PC and Mac utilities to come out in a long time and it is almost fitting that it is being hailed as one of the revelations of the current time period by many fans of Airplay technology.


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