Top new features in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

On June 10, 2013, during Apple’s keynote at WWDC Apple unveiled their new operating system – Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, that will be released for public in the fall of 2013

Mavericks will bring plenty of new features to Mac OS X, some of which are quite handy. Let’s go over the most important updates and new features in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


OS-X-10-9-Mavericks-logoApple Maps

Apple Maps didn’t do quite well when they were first released with iOS 6, but Apple claims they are much better now, and will continue to get even better over time. Maps are now integrated in new Mac OS X, which enables you to view them on much bigger screen, and enjoy the gorgeous view with Flyover. Apple Maps are built into Mail, Contacts, and the Calenar app, so if an address popups up somewhere you will be able to easily find it on a map. Another great thing Apple Maps bring on your Mac is syncing with your other devices. This means you can find direction to your destination at home, and turn-by-turn directions will be ready on your iPhone when you hit the road.




iBooks is another applications that is brought from iOS to Mac with new OS X Mavericks. It enables you to search through and buy over 1.8 million titles. The app works pretty similar to the iOS version. You can swipe through pages and pinch to zoom using your trackpad. The iBooks application enables you to highlight selections and take notes, and everything can be synced easily with your iOS devices.


Multiple displays and full-screen apps

Most professionals use more than one display on most occasions. Full-screen applications were supported since Mac OS X Lion; however, a lot of people didn’t like the way this feature worked, since if you put full-screen app on one screen, the secondary screen wasn’t usable. Mac OS X Mavericks takes full advantage of every screen that is connected to your Mac, and enables you to have multiple full-screen apps on different displays at the same time. You can now access the Dock and menu bar on every screen as well. These are all great features for power users.



iCloud Keychain

Everybody hates remembering passwords for different websites and online services. This is where iCloud Keychain will help you. It will securely store your usernames and passwords on the devices that you have approved. Next time you visit a certain website it will automatically fill the password field. It can also help you store your credit card information securely for easy payments in the future. Best of all, it syncs passwords across all devices that you’ve approved.


Finder Tabs and Tags

Mac OS X Mavericks brings two new features to Finder that will declutter your desktop and help you organize better.

Finder tabs work pretty much in the same way they do in Safari. You can click on a plus sign button (or press Control + T on your keyboard) to open a new tab, just like you would in Safari. You can now expand the Finder to full screen as well, which will allow you to have many tabs open and easily switch between different windows.

Tags are another great feature in OS X Mavericks. It will help you organize your files better and find them more easily, and this includes documents stored in iCloud also. All you have to do is tag your files with a keyword, for example “Finance”, Work” etc. Now you can click on “Work” in the Finder sidebar and you’ll get access to every file that is tagged as “Work”. You can assign multiple tags to files as well.




Apple claims that Safari uses less energy and is much faster than before. It is better optimized for Retina screens and scrolling is much snappier and smoother. Then there are new features like Shared Links in the Sidebar, which shows you links posted by people you follow on Twitter and Linkedin, so you can stay up to date with new content from your social circle.



The Calendar app got a complete design overhaul in Mac OS X Mavericks. It is now integrated with Facebook, and shows Facebook events, along with additional information. With the integration of Maps, you can also find handy information like driving time to a certain event, as well as current weather information.



The Notifications system now works better than ever. For example, if you receive a message or e-mail, you can immediately reply within the notification window. You can allow web sites to send you updates and breaking news, even when Safari is closed. Mac OS X Mavericks will also update your apps automatically, and after the update is installed it will let you know via notifications.



As you can see, there are plenty of new features in Mac OS X Mavericks, which will make using your Mac even more enjoyable. Apple will release the new OS X this fall.



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