Top 3 Best Wireless Mouse for Mac

If you are tired of using the trackpad on you MacBook, maybe it’s time to buy a mouse.
Corded Mouse are getting less and less popular in 21st century and your Mac has wireless capabilities, which means that nothing is stopping from buying a cool wireless mouse. In case you don’t know what to search for, we will guide you and showcase you what are probably the best wireless mouse for mac out there.

Targus Wireless Mouse for Mac targus-wireless-mouse-mac

The Budget Mouse

This cool mouse looks like Apple engineers crafted it. Not only is the design great, but it also has some interesting features like programmable buttons and 4-way scrolling, which allows you to scroll both vertically and horizontally across the webpages and other documents. It comes with a tiny USB receiver that plugs into the USB port on your Mac. After it’s plugged in, you are ready to go. It is also the cheapest mouse that we will show you today and comes with the price of about $20. Click here to check the price on Amazon



Apple Magic Mousemagic-mouse-mac

The Bluetooth mouse

You’ve probably seen this one or maybe you even own it, in case you received with your iMac. However, if you are a MacBook owner Magic Mouse is not included in the package and you have to buy it. But, Magic Mouse is worth the $69 price tag, especially if you are a graphic designer or work with video, audio production etc. What makes it special is the glass multi-touch surface that allows you to easily swipe through photos, web pages, you can scroll both vertically and horizontally and much more.

With Magic Mouse you don’t get an USB receiver, because it connects via Bluetooth to your Mac, which means you have an extra USB port to use with other devices If you need it. However, if you like to play some games on your Mac from time to time, this might not be the best choice, especially if you prefer first-person shooters and similar games. But it’s still a really good all around mouse and its highly recommended. Find the product and Today’s price on Amazon



Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for Maclogitech-wireless-performance-mouse-mx-mac

Gamers choice

This is probably the best mouse that you can buy for a Mac. It doesn’t have some of the capabilities of the Apple Magic Mouse, but it’s still a great buy for both professionals and gamers. Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX has several standout features such as, hyper-fast scrolling, ability to work on every surface (including glass), and a lot of programmable buttons as well. Maybe the best part is the rechargeable battery included with the mouse. The only downside is that you have to sacrifice one USB port for the USB receiver. The price is about $70-$100 depending on where you buy it.
Click here to find the product and Today´s price on Amazon.


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