How to switch between open windows within the same app in Mac OS X

Switching between apps in Mac OS X is easy and there are several ways you can do it.

The most obvious way is using your mouse or trackpad to click on different open applications, which will bring them to the front of the screen. The same result is achieved by clicking on the appropriate app icon in the Dock.

However, there is a less known way that can prove to be quite handy in some situations. You can switch between the applications by pressing Command + tab buttons. If you keep holding the command button you can scroll through the opened apps by pressing tab.


Another cool feature in Mac OS X is the combination of Command + “~” sign. Just like Command + tab works for moving between the applications, this command will help you move between different windows of the same application – for example, it will let you switch between different browser windows or several Word documents, without reaching for your mouse or trackpad.