A friend of mine was going to purchase a new computer and considered Mac or PC ( with windows8 )
because he has not too much knowledge about computers he got in touch with the IT department at his work to gain their opinion on what he should purchase .


The aMac or Windows - WHAT SHOULD YOU BUY AND WAY?nswer was quick , simple and very clear . Buy a Windows PC of course . For the reason that there is almost no one who can provide support for MAC . But lots of who can help you with a PC.

Well , this person has got all of it wrong and do not understand enything when it coms two computers along with the various Alternatives which are available . I would have had the guy fired or sent back to school Because he had minimal knowledge in IT and computers generally . If he had workt that my firm.

Well , I have worked with computers and software since MS-DOS and Windows 3 .11 . I have provided support for ALL of the OS . ( Microsoft , Apple , OS2 , Linux )

I learned quickly that if you want a good machine that worked , you had to build it yourself .

And I have built and sold computers to corporate customers for several years . The computers ware 100% ready for use with the programs thay needed .
with an error rate of only 1-2% of the supplied computers and a longer lifespan than other suppliers , I can say that I had done something right .

However it everything chanced after that everyone would have laptops instead.
 I started selling computers made by HP , Asus , Acer , etc . However it turned out , the machine was of bad quality and had short lifespan. This was also true for the more expensive computers and the machines contained quite a lot of crapware along with other useless programs .
Now I began to “Make the machine ready for use” insted of building a good product to buyers.

Make the computers ready for use” actually means getting rid of all the crapware and useless programs and install what the customer actually needed .
when the product in addition to bad quality , low lifespan and had lots of errors , it did not take long before I stopped selling laptops and only provided the service “make the computers ready for use .”

I also noticed that more and more of my customers began choosing Mac insted of a computer whit windows . I started to ask customers why they switched to Mac and whether they were satisfied . I also began to ask customers who had a PC with windows if they were satisfied .

To my surprise , it turned out that after 8-12 months , Mac users was a lot more satisfied and had much less problems . while customers with PC had use for support and spent more time on virus and spyware removal as well as other difficulties whit there computer.

As a computer guru , geek and techno freak I have and use both PC and Mac . I believe Windows 7 is the greatest Microsoft has created , but I love my Mac .

The reason is the same as my customers have told me .
The product is of high quality with a long lifespan .

The OS performs very well and the machine comes with everything you need and nothing more .

Therefore when the IT consultant dismisses purchase of Mac stating “there is almost no one who can provide support for MAC . but many who can help with a computer.” 
then he dosen´t know what he’s talking about .

Mac has a market share of about 20% ( in Norway ) , Mac users usually require less assistance and the product has a longer lifespan. Getting help when you need it is not a issue , and there are plenty of IT consultants like me who is able to assist.

My experience is pretty simple .
When you select a PC whit windows8 chances are that you are not completely satisfied, so I recommend windows7 instead .

Do you have an iPhone or iPad and are happy with them , chances are that will be satisfied with your new Mac.

Remember, the computer that suits you best is the depending on the things you use it for as well as the spending budget you have when buying.



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