Basic about Mission Control on Mac

One of the cool features in Mac OS X is Mission Control. This is a feature that can be very useful for you, but it is often forgotten by Mac users.


Mission Control is a way of creating multiple desktop environments or spaces.

You can use Mission Control as a way to expand and organize the space on your Mac so that your Desktop is less cluttered and more organized.

You can have more then one desktop spaces of you want. Say you want one desktop for specific jobs and apps you using at work, another desktop for iTunes and yet another one for Safari. That is what you can use the mission control to do for you.

Here are the basic about Mission Control on Mac:

To enter mission control on your Mac:
– You can swipe up with a three finger on the trackpad.
– Click the mission control icon.
– or press the F3 key on your keyboard


1. Dashboard
The Dashboard includes widgets for such as Calculator, whether, Contacts, Calendar and so on. The Widgets allow you to access your contacts, view your events and more, without having to switch over to the full application. You can add more widgets to Dashboard.

2. Desktop
The Desktop you are currently inn is the main screen and is indicated by its white border. You can have multiple desktops if you need. (see point 4.)

3. Full-screen app
This is Apps that you are running in fullscreen view.

4. Add more Desktop button
It will appear when the cursor is moved up in the right corner. click it to add a new Desktop or you can drag an app window or icon inn to it.

Tip: To close a desktop, just hover your cursor over the desktop you want to close, then click the X icon that appears.

5. Open Apps windows
To start using a open app. Click on the app window you want to move to the foreground.




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