Microsoft visio for Mac

There isn’t any good alternative to Microsoft Visio for Mac, and it appears that Microsoft has no plans to make a version for Mac users. But there is a way…

Microsoft-Visio-macMac users may find it impossible to get an alternative to Microsoft Visio for Mac, but luckily it is possible to install and run the Windows version on your Mac. All you need is an application called CrossOver.

What is CrossOver?

CrossOver is a third party application/software, which make possible for you to install and run many popular Windows based programs like Microsoft Visio on your Mac like any other Mac Applications.

Crossover comes with ‘easy to use’ user interface, following which anyone can install software like Microsoft Visio on their Mac OS, as well. So far, Crossover is the best solution to get Microsoft Visio on your Mac, as Microsoft has no plan to release any version of Visio for Mac users.

Here we have made a step by step tutorial on how to install Microsoft Visio on Mac using CrossOver. Click her for the tutorial.

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