Make programs launch at startup on Mac

Are you tired of opening the same applications every time you start up your Mac? No need to worry, choosing which applications (login items) will start up with your MacBook or iMac is pretty painless in Mac OS X.


Firstly, choose the “System Preferences” from the Apple menu (top left of your screen). Once the window in opened, click on “Users & Groups” icon.
Now click on the “Login Items” tab. Here you will be able to quickly add or delete applications that automatically open when you log in.
To add a new app just click on the “+” sign on the bottom left, and choose an application from the list.
To delete one of the current login items, select it and click on the “-“ sign.

This feature can be great way to save your time. If you’re certain you will use Safari or some other browser, mail application, iTunes or a Twitter app as soon as you start up your Mac, why not add those applications to login items and save yourself from unnecessary clicks.


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