The desktop on your Mac

The essentials about your Mac’s desktop

As in windows the desktop is your starting point and the first screen you will see after login.


In it you will see files, folders, and application windows.

Here we explain what’s what and giv you the basic information abot the desktop and the elements on it, what they are for and a bit about the use of these.

1. Desktop: Her is where your application windows will appear.

Tips: If you need, you can add more desktops using Mission Control.

2. The Dock: Quick access to your most frequently used applications, folders, and files. You can add new apps or folders that you use a lot if you want, or remove apps you don’t use. (Read how to hide the Dock here)

3. Apple menu ():  Here you can access Software Update, System Preferences, Sleep, Shut Down, info about your Mac, and more.

4. App menu: Contains menus for the application you’re currently using. The name of the application appears next to the Apple menu.

5. Menu bar: Contains the Apple menu, active application menu, status menus, Spotlight icon, and Notification Center icon and menu bar extras.

6. Status menu: Shows the date and time, status of your computer, or gives you quick access to certain features. From here you can turn on and connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, mute your computer’s volume, check the battery status and more.

7. Notification Center icon: Click one it to view Notification Center, which consolidates your notifications from Facebook, iMessages, Calendar, Mail, Reminders, and other third-party apps.

8. Spotlight icon: Click on it to bring up the Spotlight search field. Here you can search for anything on your Mac.


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