How to invert colors on your Mac

Here is a fun and useful tip for you. In case you were wondering how to invert colors in Mac OS X – there is a simple way.

How to invert colors on your Mac:

Press Command + Alt + F5 on your keyboard and a new window will appear. Once it shows up, simply selinvert-colors-macect “Invert Display colors” click done, and the colors will be inverted.

In order to get back to normal colors just repeat the process, but this time unselect the “Invert Display colors” option.

So why is this feature useful? In some cases it will help people with vision impairments, but it can also come in handy for everyone. If you’re reading a long article with black text on a white background and your eyes are tired, it may become exhausting. Try inverting colors for several minutes, and your eyes will be greateful.







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