iMovie – The Get Started Tutorial

iMovie, as the oldest application launched by the suite iLife has been touted as the best software application for video editing since 2007, and not only for the ease and speed with you can create high quality and professional videos, but also is why you can get full access to this software without any charge (One of the benefits of being client of Mac).

Although iMovie is completely for novices and you don’t need any experience on the video editing filed, sometimes is good to have a good tutorial, especially when you are new with Mac. So that bring us to this blog post.

In this page you will learn the basics of iMovie and how to use its features correctly so you can start use it today.

iMovie Features

These are some of the cool things that you can do with iMovie:

  • Event creation
  • Movie creation
  • Drag and drop
  • One track for video and two for audio
  • Full screen preview
  • Titles with 3D effects and credits to the end of your movie
  • Transitions
  • Video effects
  • Cut and trim video
  • Extract audio from your clips

Let’s break down each of the features:

1.) Event creation

In order to have major control with your projects (Movies and trailers) in iMovie you can create different events where you can separate your projects. To create a new event just need to click “files” at the top of iMovie and next click “New event”.

2.) Movie creation

With your new event created is time to start your movie. There are a couple of ways to create a new movie, but the easier way is:

  • Just click the “Create” button and select “Movie”
  • Next you can select a cool theme or just click the “no theme” button to start your movie in blank.
  • Name your movie
  • After the theme selection, will appear a blank project where you can start drag and drop video clips, images or audio by clicking the “Import Media button”
  • In order to create a professional movie you must add some titles and transitions.
  • You can also add music and sound effects to your video by dragging and dropping items to your audio section
  • Just click “file” and “share” to finish your movie.

3.) Drag and drop

If you don’t want to import files, you can just drag and drop items to your work area.

4.) One track for video and two for audio

In your work area you can find three different sections. The first area is where you can place images and video clips, the following areas are for audio. One of the greatest things about iMovie is that it allows you to have two different soundtracks to add value to your movie. One is for your music (Or voice audio) and the other is for sound effects as you can see in the image below.

5.) Full screen preview

iMovie allows you preview your trailers and movies in full screen mode. To display the full-screen preview mode you need:

• Open an event or project and press “play” in the viewer!
• Just click the “full-screen” button placed on your viewer menu.

6.) Titles and credits

If you want a professional video, probably you may want credits and 3D titles spread in all your video clip. One of the more acclaimed features of iMovie are the big variety of titles that you can choose.

To choose your titles you can:

• Click the “Titles” section on your right menu and just drag and drop those you like.
• To add credits you can select the title called “scrolling down credits” or “far far away”

As you can see, you can add a professional view to your video with a couple of clicks.

7.) Transitions

If you want to add transitions like dissolve, disintegrate, scale, blend or blur you can find them on your “Transitions menu” and you can drag and drop it into your video clip.

8.) Video effects

Unlike other video editors, in iMovie you can add fantastic effects to your videos with just a few clicks.

To add an effect to your video you need:

• Click in the “Video and audio effects” button on the top of your viewer
• Experiment with all the different effects and choose the one you like

9.) Cut and trim video

To cut a video:

• You need to do a “Two fingers click” in your track pad (If you have a mouse you can press Ctrl +
click) in the section you want to cut

• Select “Split clip” and the video clip will be divided

To trim a video clip just need to drag it in the necessary direction.

10.) Extract audio from your video clips

If you want to extract an audio from a video clip you can:

• Select the video with your cursor
• “Two fingers click” on your track pad or Ctrl + click in your mouse
• Click “Detach Audio”

At this point, hopefully you be able to set up your iMovie and start to use it correctly. There are a lot of things that you can do with iMovie, but for obvious reasons we can’t cover all of them. If you want to master the video editing with iMovie, the best you can do is practice.

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