How to Use iCloud Tabs in Safari

Mac and iOS users are able to sync their browser tabs from their desktop computer to their iPhone or iPad. All of the tabs on all devices are shown as a dropdown list.

You are be able to pick up right where you left of. If you were reading a webpage on you Mac at home, but had to go to work, you’ll be able to open Safari on your iPhone and link right back to the tab you were just viewing.

Here is how it works:

icloud has to be activated on all your devices (with the same username of course) and Safari must be selected in iCloud

Her is how you activate the Safari Tabs in iCloud:


Click on the“Apple Logo“, and choose System Preferences, Click on the iCloud icon under internet and wireless

iCloud system

In the iCloud settings, make sure to check the box for Safari. This will allow you to sync Safari tabs across all your devices.
iCloud Settings


When the Safari button is clicked in iCloud, all of the tabs on all devices (in this case only my iPhone) are shown as a dropdown list. You will be able to pick up where you left off without missing a beat.
On your iPad you will see the iCloud Tabs icone up in the left corner in Safari

iPad Safari iCloud Tabs


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