If you happen to have updated your iPad or better yet your iPhone to iOS 8 as well as your Mac to OS X Yosemite then chances are that you must have come across or might be utilizing Apple’s iCloud drive. But what exactly is Apple’s iCloud drive and how do you use it?
Apple’s iCloud Drive is one way in which one can be able to easily synchronise, store as well update data between their apple devices. Apple’s iCloud Drive is regarded as a great concept which is well over due, with iCloud Drive you will be able to do tasks which in the past were simply impossible for instance with the new iCloud Drive you will be able to identify documents by the apps in which they were created by in addition to that you will also be able to move from one app to the other with ease.

Before I go into how to use the iCloud Drive there are a few things that you ought to know for instance if you intend on using the iCloud Drive and you haven’t installed OS X Yosemite on your Mac then you need to familiarise yourself with the warnings about using iCloud Drive.

If you have your Mac installed with OS X Yosemite and you choose to enable your iOS 8 device iCloud Drive then here is how to use it.

The first step will be to enable iCloud Drive. This should be done on both your iOS 8 devices and your Yosemite Mac.

Once that has been accomplished you will be required to click on the iCloud icon. The iCloud icon can be seen by opening the system preferences on your Mac.

Ensure that the checkbox which is on your left is ticked if the checkbox has not been ticked make sure that you tick it. To see which apps have the ability to store data to iCloud, click on the options button. In addition to this you will also be able to turn access of apps on and off.
The next step will be to toggle the settings to on. This can be done on your iOS 8 device by simply tapping Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive.
While doing this you should be making notes of any warnings that you will receive regarding Yosemite being installed, once this is done you will be ready to go. If you followed all the steps given you should be able to see a list of apps that are already using the iCloud Drive for storing your data as well as your documents. You will also be able to toggle the access of this apps on and off from here.

For those who do not have unlimited data plan I would advice that you turn off “Use of Cellular Data”, by doing this you will minimizing the chance of your documents being constantly moved back and forth while on LTE.

Once you have enabled iCloud Drive you should be able to see a folder on your Mac. In this folder you will be able to see other folders inside for different file types once you open it. You will also be able to see that there are some folders which are locked meaning that you cannot be able to add anything to those files.
When it comes to iCloud Drive you ought to know that it might be different if you use on your iOS device. For instance using iCloud Drive on your iOS you will realize that you do not have a file system like the finder. That said one has to be comfortable with just accessing iCloud Drive from apps that are known to support it such as numbers, pages as well as keynotes. Also one needs to note that in order from these apps to access as well as save documents from iCloud Drive one has to enable them.

Once everything has been enabled you will be able to realize that all the changes you make from the iCloud Driver will be reflected in the document of your iOS 8 device and vice versa.

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