How To Use Airplay On Apple TV (Easy And Smart Setup)

One of the most notorious characteristics of Apple, is the ease with you can set up all the applications and devices. And, when it comes Apple TV and AirPlay is the same thing. Set up AirPlay on your Apple TV is really easy, but always is good to have a step-by-step guide so don’t make any mistake. 

Before we start to talk about AirPlay, we need to configure your Apple TV correctly. The first time that you connect your Apple TV to your television you will see the apple icon for a couple of minutes. Then will appear a load bar below the icon that will completing slowly.

When the process are done, you will need to configure a couple of things before you can start to use your Apple TV.

The first thing that you need to do is select the language from a list of 15 different languages. In order to select the language and setup the rest of the functions you need to use your Apple remote.

Next you need to select the resolution of the television that you want to use. Apple TV has some options, including 720p and 1080p (Two of the most usual resolutions).

The next step is configure your network. (The most recommended is to use a wireless network). First, you select the network that you can use and then you need to type the correspondent password.

When you finish of connect the network, Apple TV will show you a short welcome video. When the video is over a number code of five digits will appear on the screen that you can use to connect your Apple TV with iTunes.

Now that you have configured your Apple TV you can start to configure AirPlay

1.) In order to use Airplay on your Apple TV you need to have at least an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone so you can stream your content on your television.

2.) You need to make sure that your Apple TV and your Apple device are connected to the same wireless network.

3.) You need to click two times your “Home” button and then you will see little tool bar. Slide it to the right and will appear another menu where you can see the AirPlay icon.

4.- When you click the AirPlay icon, you should see the available Apple TVs where you can stream your content.

5.- Select the apple TV that you want to use.


Now you should can stream your videos and images on your television.


Apple TV and AirPlay offer you an innovative way to get access to your music, images and videos in your television using a simple menu system, intuitive and easy to read. For all the Apple’s users that have a big collection of videos in their computers and use to load videos, Apple TV is the best and simple option to stream their content on the Television.

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