How To Make Your First Movie In iMovie (In 11 Easy Steps)


All the people love videos, but let’s face it, sometimes is hard to create high quality videos, especially when you aren’t a professional editor, and this is where iMovie comes in. Unlike other difficult software applications, iMovie allows you to create and/or edit your videos with a couple of clicks, so you don’t need to have technical skills to make a beautiful movie.

In this tutorial you will learn step-by-step how to make your first movie like a professional so you can impress all your friends.

1.- Install or launch iMovie

Normally iMovie is installed by default on your Mac, but if that is not your case you can download it from the official Apple’s web site.

Note: If you already have it, you must can see the iMovie icon in your applications.

2.- Start a new event

In iMovie you can order all your projects in different events so you don’t mix your videos and you can have more control. To start a new event just click “File” and “New event”.

3.- Start a new project

To start your new project you need to click the “Create” button on the top of your software. iMovie allows you to create movies or trailers, but in this case you only need to select “Movie”.

4.- Choose the perfect theme

In order to create your perfect movie, you need to choose the perfect theme. iMovie offers you a big variation of themes that you can choose. The theme you select will determine the 50% of your entire video, so is recommended to thinking a little bit in this section, you must select a theme that suits your video.

Note: If you don’t want a theme in your video just click the “No theme” button.

5.- Name your project

The name is only for your reference, so don’t think hard in the name, you can edit it when you want it.

6.- Import Media

Here is where you start make your movie, you can import different video clips, images, screenshots or audio (But will talk about later). After you name your movie and click “OK” a new blank project will appear. You have two choices to import media:

a) Drag and drop

iMovie allows you simply drag and drop video clips from your folders and place it in sequence or just place it in the order you want.

b) Import Media Button

When you click the “import media” button, all your video clips will appear in a separate section where you can select a specific area of your videos to import, or just import the complete video clips.

To select a specific section of your video clip, just click in the section where you want start and drag your mouse across the video to the section you want to finish, next you only need to drag the selection and drop it in the work area. If you want your entire video, just select all your video clip.

Note: Although iMovie can work with almost every video format, is recommended use only mp4 videos, but is your decision.

7.- Add some titles and transitions

a) Add transitions

You can manage and select all your transitions in the menu of your left. To insert a transition in your video clip, you just need to drag it and drop it between two sections of your video (You can also insert transitions at the end or the beginning of your video.).

b) Add titles

iMovie allows you to add a big variety of beautiful titles to your video to give it a look more professional. To add a new title you need to click “titles” in the right menu and just drag and drop your titles into your video clip.

Note: To add or remove titles and transitions you maybe need to turn off the “automatic transitions” by clicking the button “turn off automatic transitions” in the pop-up window that will appear when you try to add or remove an item.

How many titles do you need to add?

It will depends on your videos, but is recommended insert a title for each important section, and two or three extra titles to remark some points, but it will depends on your criteria.

8.- Adding audio

This step is important. Most of the people focus all their energy on create a perfect video clip, but they forget create a perfect soundtrack, and is interesting because it is more annoying watch a video with poor quality soundtrack than a video with poor quality definition.

There are two things that you can do:

a) Add your own audio or music

You can select your own soundtrack just dragging and dropping files to your audio area. You can select music or audio directly from iTunes, Garageband or your own files in your computer, but be careful, is recommended not insert audio with copyright unless you have permission.

b) Add sound effects

This is one of the best things that you can do with iMovie. If you want to add sound effects like cartoon sounds, jumps, punches, etc. You only need to click the “sound effects” button in your right menu and just drag and drop as many sounds as you want. This will giving a little bit of extra life to your video.

Note: To edit the length of your sounds just click the side of your audio and drag it in the necessary direction.


9.- Add some images

At this time you can add some images to your video clip. Sometimes is not necessary, but it will depends on the style of your video. In this example probably add an image would not be the better, but we will do it anyway so you can see how to do it.

The easiest way to add an image to your video clip is just drag and drop it. You can add your image between two video clips, at the end and the beginning of your video or above your video. To edit the duration of your image you only need to click the borderline and just drag it in the necessary direction.

10.- Add your credits

To add your personalised credits you need click the “Titles” section on your right menu and look for the title called “Scrolling credits” and just modify to your preference. Add credits will give it a boost to your video and it will look more professional.

11.- Save your movie or share it

Now you may want to save your movie. To save it you need to click “File”-“Share”-“Archive”. Or if you want to share it instantly, iMovie allows you to upload your movie directly to Youtube, Vimeo, iTunes, Facebook and other social media platforms.

In summary:

As you can see, create your first movie on iMovie is really simple, even if you aren’t an expert. Don’t be afraid in experiment with your images and video clips, don’t forget that the more you practice the better. When you have two or three videos made, you will find that it will be easier and you will create videos really fast.


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