How to change the default finder directory in Mac OS X

On opening a Finder window on Mac, you will be taken to “All My Files” as default wahich shows a huge amount of (confusing) stuff.

But in Mac OS X you can easy choose which folder to open as default when you open Finder, and by choosing a folder you use much you can save time and make it easier for yourself at the same time.



Here is how you change the default Finder directory: 

1. Click on your Desktop to make sure you have the Finder selected as the active application.
Click on “Finder” in the menu bar and select “Preferences”

2. Select the menu under “New Finder windows show:” and select one of the presets.
The presets include Desktop, Computer, Hard Drive, Home and Documents


3. To select a different folder or directory that is not included in the pop up list, select “Other…”
choose the folder you want to have as a standard acn click “Choose” 



 Video Tutorial:



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