How to burn a CD or DVD on your mac

It is very easy to burn a CD or DVD using a Mac. You just create a burn folder and drag the files to it and that’s it.

 Her is how to burn files to CD or DVD on your Mac:


1.) Create a burn folder
The first thing you must do is to create a new burn folder. When in Finder (or just clik ones on your desktop) select File > New Burn Folder from the top menu
A new folder will now be created. (If you wish to name it, just select it and press enter and you will be able to type a name for it.)

2.) Add your files
to the folder just drag the files you wish to burn to the burn folder. The files will not be moved. Instead, “aliases” of the real files will be created in your burn folder. The aliases are not real files, they just tell the burn folder where to find the original files.


3.) Click burn
When you have added your files, just click the burn button.








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