How do I use iCloud Drive?

iCloud Drive does not the same way across all iDevices. Learn how to use it on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and on the Web!

iCloud Drive is Apple’s cloud based storage service that allows users to safely access (store, sync, and update) all their data across all Apple devices and Windows Let’s see how to use it on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

How to use iCloud Drive on Mac

  • To access iCloud drive, click the iCloud Drive entry in the Finder window. In case the entry is not visible, open the Finder window, select Preferences, and from the Sidebar click on the iCloud Drive entry.
  • A group of folders will, each representing a different app. Access them with a double click.

Apps that have been updated for iCloud Drive will show iCloud in their Open/Save dialog boxes. In case the app has not been updated, their files will automatically be stored in the iCloud.

Moving files:

There are two methods of shifting files between iCloud and Mac:

  1. Move the file in the Finder. Simply copy (command + C), open destination folder and paste (command +V) the file. A dialog box will appear informing you that the file will be deleted from the iCloud Drive when the move is complete
  2. Move from the app. Select File>Move To and choose the destination folder. No dialogue box will appear.

Use iCloud Drive from the Web

Sign into and select iCloud Drive. The new window will display the content. Any changes you make here will be propagated across all your iDevices.

How to use iCloud Drive on iPad and iPhone

In case the iCloud Drive was not set up on your iDevice:

  • Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad (iOS 8 or higher needed)
  • Tap on iCloud> iCloud Drive
  • Turn iCloud Drive ON

The Problem

Unlike how it works on Mac and Windows, iCloud Drive does not behave as a file manager on iPad and iPhone. No app exists for such behavior. You’ll have to download one from the App Store.

We’ll be using Document 5 (Download Here)

Once downloaded:

  • Launch Documents 5 on your iPad/iPhone
  • Tap the cloud icon (bottom navigation)
  • Tap iCloud Drive (top left)
  • Navigate to the file you’re looking for and tap to open

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