The hidden secrets inside apple icons

Inside manny of Apple’s default icons are hidden secrets. If you look closely maybe you can spot the hidden secrets inside apple icons…

NOTE: you can click on the Icons to get a bigger picture.


Calculator_Iconcalculator icon displays the number 12374218.75

What is the significance of the number 12374218.75? well, nobody knows. but BWU on have come to the following:

The .75 refers to the year 1975, the year Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple Inc. 12374218 is the number of seconds equal to 143 days which, in turn is equal to the date May 23rd. May 23rd, 1975 is the date production of the first computer at Apple Inc. officially begun. (Although it wasn’t officially Apple Inc. until April 1, 1976.)


open-with-text-editorOne very cool Apple icon is the textedit icon. On the icon is John Appleseed speech written. The speech is part of Apple’s famous “Think Different” advertising campaign that ran from 1997 to 2002.






MacMail IconFaded such as a watermark over a photograph, the Mac Mail icon is postmarked with a stamp that says, “Hello from Cupertino, CA.”. Not surprisingly is where Apple’s headquarters are located.






itunesThis one is very hard to notice, but the CD is labeled “Apple 2006 iTunes 7.”






iOS6-AppleMaps-iconThe rout on the default Maps icon on the iPhone shows the location of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.




Network and Windows PC icon

windows-network-mac-iconIf you try to access a Windows PC from your Mac you will see a small icon of an ugly beige desktop monitor. In the screen you will see “the blue screen of death“, an error message that almost any PC user has seen once or twice before.:)