Get the Most Out of your AirPort Extreme wireless router

AirPort Extreme is a wireless router made ​​for sharing an internet in your home,  and like many of Apple’s products, behind its descript appearance lies its awesome capability.

Here are some tips that can help you can get the most from your existing AirPort Extreme.




Go wireless whit your USB Printer

If you have a USB printer you can connect it to the AirPort Extreme unit and use your printer wireless instead.

Here is how you do it:

1. Plug in the printer’s USB cable directly into the USB port on back of your AirPort Extreme device.

2. Install the printer driver software onto each computer you plan to use.

3. Go to System Preferences -> Print & Fax and add the newly-wireless device to your printer roster.

Click the + symbol and select the printer from the Add Printer list. Your printer will now be recognized as a Bonjour device.

Select it from the list, allow Mac OS X to populate the printer settings, click Add and you’ll now have wireless access to the printer.


Network Storage

You can easy connect a USB 2.0 hard drive to your AirPort unit and make a network storage for your whole Family. Apple calls this feature “AirDisk”.

Here is how to set up av AirDisk:

1. Plug the USB hard drive in to your AirPort.

2. Launch Applications -> Utilities -> AirPort Utility.

3. Select your AirPort and click Manual Setup.

4. Select Disks from the top of the window, then the File Sharing tab.
Here you check the “Enable file sharing” to make the AirPort storage visible to your computers.
you’ll also find options to secure your disk with a password, if necessary.
Click Update to commit these changes on your AirPort when finished.

5. Now open a Finder window and look for your AirPort under the Shared section at left.
Click on it and your AirDisk will now appear mounted on your computer with a blue drive icon.


time-machine-logoTime Machine Backup

If you have a USB hard drive connected to your AirPort network, you can use your AirDisk as a central Time Machine backup drive for your Macs.

Here is how to set your AirDisk as a Time Machine Backup:

1. Go to System Preferences, Click on Time Machine settings under System.

2. Click on Select Disk. your AirDisk will show up in the list of available hard drives. Select the drive, click Use for Backup and you’re ready to go.



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