How to Configure your Mac’s Startup Items

Stopping unnecessary programs form starting when your Mac boots up, is a easy and good way to make your Mac is starting up faster.


Here is how you do it:


1. Click on Apple menu button and click on System Preferences.


2. Under System section click on Users & Groups.


3. Select your account then choose the Login Items tab.

4. In here, you should see a list of all programs that are set to lunch when your Mac boots up.
All programs which you don’t frequently use or those which are completely unnecessary to you can be removed from this list.
In order to remove a program from this list click on minus sign (-) located below the list.


Also, if you see programs that have a small yellow triangle sign next to them, determine if that program have been uninstalled from your Mac. If that’s the case, remove it from the list.

5. Once you have removed all the unnecessary programs from the Login Items list, you should notice that your Mac is starting up faster.


To add a startup item, hit the plus button, then choose whichever application or utility you’d like OS X to automatically open when you log in.


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