How to combine several documents into a single pdf file in Mac OS X

Say that you have worked with several different files, documents, PDF and images separately. For instant, a sales report in Excel, a letter from the management in Word, and some scanned document in PDF.

Now you want to collect all this into one document that you can easily send as a e-mail attachment or have as a “all in one ” ready to print file or as a simple e-book


NPreview iconormally you have to send all the different files as attachments, or you put them in a ZIP file, or print out the various documents one by one, or you can “put” everything inside one word document.
Well, this is all time consuming and impractical.
Fortunately, there is a very simple, easy and effective way to merge all you’re documents, photos and scanned files into one single PDF file.


Here is how you do it:

1. First open the first file you want in the program Preview and select Thumbnails from the View menu.


2. you should see a list of page previews next to the main content area. You can now drag a page’s thumbnail from one document to this location. You can choose the order you want by dragging the file up or down in the list.


3. When you have all the documents, files and photos in the order you want in Preview you can select Print from the File menu (or use: cmd+p)

4. In the Print Preveiw you can uncheck the “Auto rotate“. This will make the photos the right way in the PDF document.


5. Now select the PDF button and choose Save as PDF... Type a name for your document an click Save.



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