Better battery life with the Magic Charger for Magic Mouse

Are you using Apples wireless Magic Mouse, then you know it uses up the batteries really fast.
It seems like you’re constantly getting the alert on your Mac that you need to replace the batteries on the Mouse.

Fortunately there is a solution to get better battery life.
Mobee Technology has taken the initiative to create the Magic Charger, which is an inductive charger made specifically for the Magic Mouse. The solution clam to eliminate the need to go thorough countless batteries, and deal with the hassle of a dead mouse.

Setting it up is easy, you simply replace the old batteries in the Magic Mouse whit the Magic Charger battery pack. Then plus in the USB cable to your Mac. Place the Magic Mouse on the base station, and it begin charging instantly. There is a little indicator light on the base station that flashes green when charging, and is solid when the Magic Mouse is completely charged.

The charging begins as soon as your mouse touches the base station, so it’s great for short bursts ant do get better battery life. But It takes quite a bit of time to get a full charge the first time. Letting it charge overnight the first time, will easily get it up to 100%. After that you just place it on the base station after you are finishing working, and it will keep it fully ready for you anytime.

the_Magic_ChargerA cool ting is that as soon as you take the mouse of the base station, and try to use it, the Magic Mouse works perfectly. It’s as though your mouse never lost the connection, and the second you stop charging, you can start using it again.

The base station also has a great design and the slim profile looks nice on your desk also when its not in use. The battery pack seamlessly integrates into the mouse, and Mobee has done a great job of mimicking the battery pack cover that Apple designed.

The Magic Charger only charge via the USB cable that you plugge into to the Mac. But, I think you also can use Apple 5W USB Power Adapter for the Magic Charger.

The Magic Charger from Mobee Technology is a valiant effort in green energy technology, does a near perfect job of keeping your Magic Mouse charged and is a must buy for Magic Mouse owners.

The Magic Charger retails for $39.90 (on Amazon)


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