App store and iTunes

You can find the App Store inside the iTunes Store.

Click iTunes Store on the left hand side of the iTunes window. Then click the App Store category in the iTunes Store window. You can use the iTunes Store to download music, movies, Podcasts, TV Shows, and more (availability of certain types of media does vary by country). To change countries, scroll to the end of the iTunes Store home page and click the flag indicating the current country. To choose a different country, click the appropriate flag.


iTunes Stuff

itunes-music1) Music:

You’ll find more than 26 million high-quality, DRM-free songs on iTunes for just 69¢, 99¢, or $1.29 each.* Complete My Album makes it possible to buy a few songs to try an album out, then get the rest for the original album price minus what you’ve already spent. Buy on any device and your songs are instantly accessible in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC. Just double-click to play. Or, if you’re headed somewhere you won’t have Wi-Fi, click Download to take a copy with you.


2) Movies:itunes-movie

Browse more than 45,000 comedies, romances, classics, indies, and thrillers.* iTunes has movies from every major Hollywood studio. And you can buy or rent them in up to 1080p HD. Purchase on any device, and your movie will be instantly accessible in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC. Double-click to play, or download to keep a copy with you when you won’t have Wi-Fi. You can also watch on your HDTV via Apple TV.



itunes-tv3) TV shows:

iTunes brings you more than 190,000 TV shows commercial-free — many in 1080p HD.* Buy individual episodes or a full season. With Season Pass, you can even buy a full season before it airs. And with Complete My Season, you can buy an episode or two to check out a show, then get the whole season for the original price minus what you’ve already paid. Whether you buy on your Mac, PC, or iOS device, TV shows are instantly accessible in your iTunes library, where you can play them or download a copy to take with you. Perfect for when you’re traveling and won’t have Wi-Fi.




itunes-app-store4) App store:

Browse more than 800,000 apps and games for your iOS devices right on your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.* Purchases appear on your devices automatically — no matter which device you originally bought them on.



itunes-ebooks5) E-books:

No matter how many books you stack on your bookshelves, you can carry them all with you. iTunes features 1.5 million titles in all.* Browse biographies, mysteries, comedies, classics, and self-help books. Textbooks for history, literature, science, and other subjects. Even eBooks textbooks for iPad. Your purchases will automatically appear on all your devices. And if you start reading a book on your iPad, you can pick it right back up on your iPhone. iCloud keeps your place, so you don’t have to.


itunes-podcast6) Podcasts:

iTunes gives you access to more than 250,000 free podcasts.* Just download the free Podcasts app, and you can subscribe to podcasts right from your iOS device. Listen to popular podcasts in Top Charts. Or create personalized stations of your favorite podcasts with My Stations, where new episodes download automatically. With iCloud, your subscriptions and stations are stored on all your devices. So you can start listening or watching on one device and finish on another.

itunes-courses7) iTunes U:

iTunes U brings you lectures discussions, language lessons, and more— all from top universities, museums, and other cultural institutions around the world. With the iTunes U app, you can take complete courses on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Best of all, everything on iTunes U is free, whether you ’re a student or a lifelong learner.



8) iTunes gift cards:itunes-gift-card

iTunes Gift Cards are the perfect way to give the gift of entertainment. You can buy them in different styles and denominations from Apple and thousands of other retailers. And no matter which card you give, recipients can redeem it for whatever they want to buy — songs, movies, TV shows, apps, games, books and more.


It’s easier than ever to send an iTunes Gift for holidays, birthdays or any occasion. Because now you can buy them on the iTunes Store from your iOS device or computer.* And in any whole-dollar amount from A$20 to A$100. Choose a theme and add a personal message. Then have your gift emailed immediately, or pick a time for it to be delivered. The recipient can redeem the gift for exactly what they want — songs, movies, TV shows, apps, games, books





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