Adding a Network Printer to Mac OS X

Network printer addition to your Mac OS X is another way of enhancing the connectedness of your shared networks. If you are coming with a Windows background, this series is really something valuable that you would need while working with Mac OS X. Learn how to add network printer to Mac OS X, via simple steps given in this article.

We are ready to start the process. In the Apple menu, select “System Preferences” and then “Print & Fax” or “Print & Scan”.

Below the list of available printers found already on your Mac OS X, click on the “+” sign to add another printer.

In the next window, on the top menu, ensue that the “IP” has been selected, and there is a line “Line Printer Daemon.LPD”, under the protocol.

Type IP address of the printer you want to add on the “Address” line. – Purchase Order Printer in Purchasing department (PO forms ONLY) – Library Printer – Front Office B&W Printer – Computer Lab Printer


After few seconds, a message would be displayed under the IP address, saying that “it is a valid and complete address: and there should appear the proper driver for the printer next to the “Print Using” line.
Click “Add
At this stage, is a good idea to give your printer an intuitive name that you would recognize later.

There would be a box saying “Duplex unit”. Put a check on this box. This enables 2-sided printing. Select “Continue”.

You can see the printer you added in the list of available printers.
If you want to view or edit the print settings, from the main “Print & Fax” window, highlight the printer and select “Options & Supplies” given under General tab. Here printer name, location and IP address can be edited.
In this window, minus button can be used to delete or remove a printer and edit the default one from the “Default Printer” pick list.

This step is for setting up 20sided printing (Front Office B&W, Library, Computer Lab Printers)

After selecting File, choose “Print from” within application and select the printer from the printer pick list. Choose “Layout” from the third pick-list. You would see at the window bottom “Two Sided: OFF”, choose “long-edge binding” from the pick list there and then choose “Print” to send your 2-sided print job to your printer.


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