5 Cool Tricks That You Can Do With AirPlay!

The function Airplay is one of those wonders that contribute so much value to iOS. Although at first glance it don’t see very useful, when you start to use it you can be amazed with the variety of things that you can do, so I structured a list with five of the coolest things that AirPlay allows you to do.

1.- Mirroring from AirPlay to ChromeCast (Through Android)

To make this work correctly you will need a third-party element that buffers between AirPlay and ChromeCast. There are several programs that make a paper of AirPlay receiver (Normally paid programs). In this case, we will use “Reflector”, but you can choose the more you like.

The Android version of Reflector has launched recently. You can get full access for just $6 and it makes of an AirPlay receiver through an Android device. If that device can use the Screen Cast option, it will can send the received information from iOS to ChromeCast. ! In the following scheme you can see how to implement this option:

These are the official Android devices that can do mirroring:
1. Samsung Galaxy S4
2. Samsung Galaxy S5
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3
4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10
5. Nexus!
6. HTC (One 7)
7. LG (G2,G3,G Pro 2)

Note: Probably the delay will be major because the mirroring passes through two sites.

2.- Use AirPlay in second plane

One of the biggest problems that people have when it comes AirPlay, is that you can’t use AirPlay in second plane, so is annoying to have a powerful device like iPhone 5 or iPad Air and can’t do anything while AirPlay is running; However, there is a little “trick” that you can do to use AirPlay in second plane.

All you need to do is start a new reproduction using AirPlay and then open the application called “Remote”. Once the app is open you can resume the reproduction that you were watching, and don’t worry if you close it, AirPlay will still running in second plane.

Actually this is a “Bug” of implementation, so it doesn’t work in all applications.

3.- Use AirPlay to watch your iPhone/iPad screen on your PC or Mac

AirPlay, as you probably know, is a wireless technology that allows you send data to other devices, but it haves only an output function. In other words, Airplay can’t receive data from other devices, so you will need a special application that allow you to do that so you can see your iPhone or iPad screen on your computer.

First, you need to know if your device is compatible with Airplay. This is a list of the devices that allows you to use it:

• iPod Touch 5G!
• iPhone (5, 5C, 5S, 4S)!
• iPad (Air, 3G, 4G, mini, mini Retina, 2)

Once you are sure that your iPhone, iPod or iPad are compatible, you need to know how to use AirPlay:

1. Access the Control Panel
2. In order to see the AirPlay option, you need to have a compatible system connected to your network Wifi or LAN, like an Apple TV or some of the software applications that will talk about later.
3. Once you are in the control panel, you need to select the output source that you want to use or in case that you want to use an extern source you must active the duplication function.

Now, let’s talk about the applications that allow you to use AirPlay on your PC or Mac.

a) Reflector
b) X-Mirage
c) AirServer

Once you have one of those applications installed on your computer, you will can see the AirPlay option.

Note: If you don’t have an Apple TV or you don’t have any of the above programs installed, probably you will can see the AirPlay function.

4.- Use AirPlay to play video games

If you’re a fanatic gamer, but you don’t have a console or you don’t want to install games on your computer, you can transform your iPhone or iPad in your own video game console utilising your TV or Mac.

If you want a good video game experience using AirPlay, probably you should have:

• An iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 6 or iOS 7
• An Apple TV
• Fast wireless connection (802.11n)

How to do it:

1. Turn on your Apple TV
2. Active the AirPlay function on your device
3. Launch the video game

Note: If you don’t have an Apple TV, but you have a computer connected to a screen, you can still do it. You only need to download and install one of the following applications and active the AirPlay option: AirServer, Reflector or X-Mirage.

5.- Active the AirPlay option in any music application

Probably you are using some music applications that aren’t compatible with AirPlay, but you can easy solve your problem if you follow the next steps:

1. Start to play any song
2. Turn off your iPhone’s screen by clicking the “Turn Off/On” button.
3. Click the “Home” button in order to turn on your iPhone’s screen
4. Click two times and very quickly the “Home” button and you will can see the reproduction controls of your iPhone, and next to them will appear the option to use AirPlay.
5. Select the source you want to send your song

As you can see, is an easy trick that allows you to use any music application with Airplay, even if aren’t compatibles.

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