Month: February 2015

Record a Podcast Using GarageBand on Your Mac

GarageBand is more than a simple app to edit music. There’s more to it as long as you have a knowhow its features and functionalities. What’s interesting about GarageBand is that it gives you the ability to create podcasts, soundtracks and audio slideshows as well. Regardless of what people say, podcasts have revolutionized the way content is created. Thousands of people create audio programs and almost anyone can listen to them at any given time. You can be a part of the action too and all it requires is a little bit of interest and GarageBand to aid your cause. 

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How to Get Started With GarageBand (The Basics)

One of the best things about GarageBand is that it has been specifically designed for individuals who know little about making music. Regardless of what others may tell you, there is no need for training and neither do you have to be a musician to use the application. If you wish to learn more about it, consider going through the next couple of paragraphs to understand what the application can do for you. 

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Batching rename files in Mac OS X Yosemite

In response to our ever growing digital libraries, the need and importance of efficiently managing the data is also increasing. A consistent file name structure including information like the date, description and project, is the best way to organize and locate our digital data. For this purpose, Apply has launched multiple features in OS X, which help users corral their documents, pictures and other files like Finder Tags, Spotlight metadata. OS X Yosemite is one of these.

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How to Get Airplay on Older Macs

Airplay is a technology that has been touted as the next big thing for quite a while. It’s obvious that with the current wave of enthusiasm about it, there seems to be substance in the myth. To clear out any confusions regarding the software, this article will take a look at several aspects of Airplay including what it actually is, while also giving you tips on how to use this technology on your older Mac.

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Helpful OS X Yosemite Tips & Tricks 

Apple’s OS X Yosemite, has a variety of features designed to make life easier for its users. Make sure you are getting the most out of your Yosemite experience by utilizing these helpful OS X Yosemite Tips & Tricks. From organizing your family’s schedule to making the desktop easier on your eyes, there are a variety of features not obvious to new Yosemite users that can be highly beneficial to the overall user experience. 

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