Month: December 2014

Make a phone call from your Mac

Since Yosemite is out, with ios 8 running on your iphone, you can call and receive telephone calls from your Mac and your ipad (additionally running ios 8). This is one of the peculiarities of Continuity, which further incorporates and associates your Mac and ios gadgets. Congruity additionally incorporates Handoff, Instant Hotspot, Airdrop and SMS Relay (as a major aspect of the ios 8.1 redesign).

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Some cool new functions in OS X Yosemite

Apple OS X Yosemite—the tenth variant of the working framework effectively named OS Ten—is because of free overhaul, usable on pretty much any Mac fabricated since mid-2007. It’s a fantastic Apple-style redesign: Despite many changes and new gimmicks, you won’t have to relearn anything to utilize it.

Yet in the event that you claim an iphone or ipad, you’ll see that your Mac and ios gadget will cooperate in ways you never envisioned.

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